Our Association

The PIKES PEAK REGION SENIOR SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION was created and organized in late 2019 to bring structure and uniformity to the rising number of individuals who are 50 years of age (Men) 40 years of age (women) who still have the desire to participate and compete in this Beautiful GAME we all Love and Honor,  here in the Southern Colorado region. SOFTBALL !!

Our mission as the Board of Directors,  is to provide the players who become members of our Association,  the opportunity to meet others who are like-minded in their quest to "Quench Their Thrust" For this incredible game that creates and cements lasting relationships that develop in NO OTHER WAY !


It is truly my honor as Commissioner to extend an invite to EVERY Senior Citizen who has a desire to "PLAY BALL"....TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND TAKE YOUR SWINGS...!!!  WE WELCOME YOU TO COME AND "PLAY"  A PART !


As you will see from our web page there are fully organized leagues for EVERY AGE BRACKET.


Starting with our 50's and above age group; This  league plays on Monday evenings.


Maybe you find yourself in the 60's age division. This organized league plays on Friday mornings.


And if you are beginning to think we don't have a spot for you because you are 70 years of age or older...

Think again...!!

Our 70's league plays every Monday morning throughout the summer !


As you can see... There is really NO EXCUSE for NOT GETTING INVOLVED.

I guarantee... Once You make the effort to step out on the field... YOU'RE GONNA BE HOOKED...!!!


My invitation is GET INVOLVED... WE NEED YOU...!!!




Carl "Yaz" Bennett

P.P.R.S.S.A. Commissioner

The Board

Carl Bennett


Joe Ribeiro

Greg Broeckelman

Secretary & Treasurer


Member At Large


Greg Broeckelman.jpg

Steve Everson

Member at Large


Tim Ryan

Rich Olson

70's League Rep


60's League Rep


Gary Cunninghame

50's League Rep


Tom Gallivan

Task Force Member


Doug Klimas

Task Force Member